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job as ambassador to libya. >> i was struck by the fact that he was eager to go. he was earnest. i think he was looking forward to his first ambassadorship. >> reporter: george served with stevens in the peace corps in the '80s. he taught english to kids in a small moroccan town and he says even back then, stevens dreamed of becoming an ambassador. >> he just fell in love with morocco and that part of the world. it was the shark that shaped the rest of his career. >> reporter: the east bay native studied law at uc hastings in san francisco. >> he would pop in my office if he was in town. levine says he's not at all surprised stevens gave his life trying to save others. >> he could have literally sent in the marines. there's a battalion there protecting the embassy. he didn't do that. he wanted to be there and take his people and get them back to safety. he knew he was taking a risk. he did it any way. what more do you need to know? >> he epitomized tolerance, understanding and respect. that's really what this country needs more of. >> reporter: stevens is being remembered here toni
an anti-muslim movie made in the u.s. and in libya tonight, late word that film was a cover for the deadly consulate attack which killed u.s. ambassador chris stephens who is from the bay area and three others in the city of benghazi on tuesday. libya announced four arrests to day saying the militants timed the attack to coincide with the anniversary of september 11th. >>> in washington, there is concern that growing foreign crisis will become a factor in the u.s. presidential campaign. nbc bay area steve handlesman reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: like in libya tuesday, today's anti-american rioting, yemen got out of control. the mob in the capital storming the u.s. embassy complex and breaking in before police beat them back. no americans reported hurt. it's the third arab nation rocked by protests aimed at the u.s. this was egypt last night. another outburst of anger over the kurd anti-muslim movie said to be made in the u.s. but not by the u.s. government. secretary of state clinton tried to make clear about the video today. >> we absolutely reject its content and message. >> re
u.s. security officials are calling the killings at the u.s. consulate in libya last week a terrorist attack. but what remains under debate is whether that attack was planned or spontaneous. nbc's danielle lee has more on the tough questions from senators during the briefing on the state of u.s. security today. off awe s three of the top u.s. security officials called this scene last week, that deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, where four americans died, evidence the u.s. continues to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack. >> much else is unanswered or under dispute. was al qaeda involved? >> we are looking at indications that individuals in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda. >> was the attack planneded like libya insists or spontaneous as officials believe. >> i just don't think that people come to protest equipped with rpgs and other heavy weapons. >> we are conducting interviews. gathering evidence. trying to sort out the facts. >> as investigators sort out the facts. the families
, there are still many questions about that movie that led to the violence and the attack in libya which claimed the lives of four americans. nbc bay area's kimberly thieri has the latest. >> reporter: the california man behind the youtube video was brought in for an interview with federal officers. since the movie ignited a firestorm of anger, he's been out of public view, staying with family. with its face covered, nikoula basseley naloula willingly went to be question good possible probation violations. in 2010, the 55-year-old pled no contest to federal bank fraud charges and was banned from using computers or the internet as part of his sentence. >> he's not in custody. >> no. >> nobody's under arrest. he came along willingly. he was cooperative, absolutely no incidents. he was very help fful to dew pot sheri -- to dew poiputy sheriffs. >> reporter: today angry protests continue. an angry protest of university students drew more than 2,000 people. the group chanted, "death to america." in qatar, hundreds of residents marched for the u.s. embassy there, demanding the ambassador leave, the u.
'll have more coming up. >>> the bodies of four americans who killed the in attack in libya were returned to the united states today. president obama promised the killers will face justice. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke about bay area product chris stevens who died in that attack. >> i was honored to snow ambassador chris stevens. i want to thank his parents and s siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. >> much of his family is still here in the bay area. stevens grew up in piedmont and went to cal. the president and secretary of state made their comments before flag draped coffins at an hanger in maryland. >>> the anti-american demonstrations continue today. now expanding beyond arab nations. this protest in london. riots have broken out in 20 different countries against the anti-islamic film made in the u.s. there was damage in lebanon where kfc and a hardees restaurant were burned. in egypt, soldiers used tear gas and a water cannon against protesters. and there were street battles in pakistan, bangladesh and cashmere. the violence unfoldi
in the aftermath of that deadly attack in libya. white house spokesman jay carney now says it is self-evident the attack was an act of terrorism. it is the first time the administration has characterized last week's assault in that way. he said the fbi is looking at indications that the individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda. also today, secretary of state hillary clinton announced she will appoint an independent panel to review the circumstances which led to the attack. >> back here at home. he said he fought hard behind closed doors for his officers. san jose police chief chris moore is being candid about a host of issues days after announcing his retirement. nbc' reporter sat down at san jose police headquarters with that interview. damien? >> reporter: the chief has another four months before he officially retires. my questions to him were not easy today. he admitted some frustration with the san jose city council and also admits his departure might be a good thing for everyone. he has been crunching the numbers for the last two years and doesn't l
school for chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed there last week. in the meantime, the violence continues. nbc bay area danielle lee shows us fragile u.s. relationships are becoming further strained. >> reporter: chanting protestors left little room to stand in lebanon. they were listening to the leader call for more demonstration. the u.s. embassy began burning secret documents as a precaution. in pakistan, police fired tear gas at demonstrators trying to reach the u.s. consulate. the prime minister ordered the suspension of youtube where clips of the anti-muslim video were posted. cashmere, the west bank and iran. sirens blaired near kabul where a few hundred afghans set fire to cars and shops. all signs of a protest about much more than a disrespectful video. >> it's about politics and willpower. it's about what's taking place in this country going through a complex and painful transition. >> reporter: a transition getting more fragile in afghanistan. insider attacks by nato troops in training have resulted in at least six deaths over the weekend, raising new qu
on the defensive. last week it was libya. this week he writes off nearly half the nation. it's another week gone by without romney making his case. when you have only seven weeks to go and some states with early voting as soon as this friday, you wonder how the voters are going to react. >> larry ger sten, thank you for your insight. thank you. >>> we asked your opinion, is the country on the right track? over the last 90 minutes we asked you to text or phone call. 62% think the country is on the right track and 32% do not agree. >>> the notorious antiislamic movie that outraged so many in the muslim world is affecting operations in afghanistan. they're scaling back joint operations with afghan forces after a strike in green-on-blue killings. more than 50 international servicemen and women have been killed this year by afghan forces or militants disguised in afghan uniforms. military leaders fear anger over the online film will inspire more attacks. no word on how long the separation of duties will last. >>> al qaeda is makes new threats today against american diplomats as protests continue over
, the u.s. ambassador to libya assassinated, three more americans murdered, with egypt run by islamists, syria out of control, mitt romney campaigning in colorado blames barack obama. >> these are not bumps in the road, these are human lives. these are developments we do not want to see. this is time for a president who will shape events in the middle east. >> reporter: in our presidential election, romney is trailing in colorado. and in ohio, a must-win state for him where he campaigns tomorrow. >> look, we're going to win. there's no question in my mind. we're going to win. >> reporter: six weeks to go. one reason president obama is limiting diplomatic time at the u.n. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >>> iran's president had harsh words for israel and the united states during his address to the united nations today in new york. ahmadinejad accused the united states of shielding a fake regime, meaning israel. in reference to the anti-islam video produced in the u.s., he also said islam other countries misuse the middle east. he denies iran is supplying weapons to the govern
. >> the u.s. diplomat who loved libya but who was murdered there, his u.s. consulate in benghazi burned. >> there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there's no video that justifies an attack on the embassy. >> there was no sympathy from the president, but calls for a deeper look into the causes of anti-u.s. muslim rioting and demanded muslim leaders do more now. >> it is time to marginalize those who even when not directly resorting to violence use hatred of america or the west or israel as the central organizing principle of politics. >> reporter: iran's president ahmadinejad yesterday called for elimination of israel. >> make no mistake, a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. >> reporter: netanyahu publicly pushed mr. obama to threaten force against iran. he didn't. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy. and we believe that there is still time and space to do so. >> reporter: mitt romney was in new york say not enough good jobs in muslim nations leads to radicalism. he promised aid to promote private industry. >> nothing we ca
killed in libya. >> janelle wang is here with our international headlines. >> raj and jessica, this information just coming in. a u.s. official has been killed and several people hurt after armed militiamen stormed the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. the building is also reportedly on fire. they are angry over a film that insulted their prophet muhammad. of course, when we get more information we will bring it to you. >>> in other international news tonight, growing tension between israel and the u.s. over iran's controversial nuclear program. >> the world tells israel, wait. there's still time, and i say wait for what? >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said iran's nuclear program is an imminent threat and accuses the u.s. of dragging its feet. he says sanctions have not worked and wants the u.s. to outline details of a u.s.-led military strike against iran's nuclear facilities. secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. will not set deadlines. netanyahu suggested that israel is ready to strike on its own, and iran insists it is not developing a nuclea
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11